The Formula

The method. the magic

The human body can be crafted into a powerful machine. We aren’t supposed to feel self-conscious and tired all the time. 

Invest just a few hours into fitness training a week to start loving life.

Can you imagine…

Fitting back into your old clothes? Getting compliments on how you look? Feeling energetic all day? Being able to play with your kids without stopping?

CREATIVITY and EFFECTIVENESS are our core principles. We use a wide spectrum of fitness training methods to get our clients fat loss results!


our toolkit


We use principles like progressive overloading, drop-sets, and supersets to build an aesthetic, defined physique and help our clients shed fat


We maximize your time by using high intensity intervals and circuit training, which strengthens all muscle groups while improving aerobic capacity


As one of our key values is inclusivity, we love working with all shapes and sizes. Everybody is welcome when self-improvement is the goal!

full-body FUNCTIONAL

As the body operates as a whole, we focus on compounds that improve coordination, speed, and reflexes so you can move easily through life


Having muscle is great, but a healthy heart and lungs are important too! We incorporate stamina sets to boost your cardio, so you can last a long time


As we tend to lose bone density over time, it’s important to train for strength in muscles, joints, bones, and other tissues to build functional bodies


Since modern lifestyles are inactive, our bodies lose elasticity. We apply stretching, joint mobility, and full ROM techniques so clients stay limber


We love incorporating plyometrics, or jump training, into our training to build explosive speed and athleticism. Jumping is superb for fat loss


Of course a healthy body must be fuelled properly! We provide realistic nutritional guidance and meal planning tips to make your meals just right


Working out can improve conditions like neck and low back pain, as well as reduce anxiety, depression, and the risk of developing lifestyle diseases


Many clients are looking to improve body composition by lowering fat while building muscle. Our hybrid fitness training achieves both


If you sit all day, chances are your spine is weak and neck in pain. We focus on back and core strengthening to build strong, healthy posture

Is this you?

  • Experiencing weight gain
  • Feeling tired and out of shape
  • Used to extreme weight changes
  • Overworked and stressed
  • Trying to balance family and work
  • New to the gym and/or weights
  • Unsure how to start or what to do
  • Committed to improving yourself
  • A parent wanting better health
  • On a path of self-love and healing

what’s so special about us?

Tribe Fitness is a team of dedicated fitness trainers that’s helped hundreds get results from the gym. We’ve been providing a safe, supportive space for clients to learn weight training and transform their physiques since 2014.

Like many industries, personal training is quite male-dominated. This can result in female clients not being understood or receiving the support they need.

Truth is, women have unique hormone-induced behaviours because we also follow a infradian (or monthly) rhythm. This cycle affects our mood, training ability, and how we move through the world.

We’re proud to say that we teach masculine weight training to sculpt lean bodies — while holding space for the feminine experience.

We help our clients get strong while respecting their needs.