The How

The method. the magic

The human body can be crafted into a beautiful machine of strength and power. We aren’t meant to feel uncomfortable, self-conscious, or tired all the time. We aren’t meant to avoid mirrors and cameras.

Invest in building a strong mind and body to start loving your life. We are here for everybody. All shapes and sizes deserve love, appreciation, and respect.

Can you imagine…

Fitting back into your old clothes? Getting compliments from friends on how fit you look? Being amazed at how ENERGETIC you feel all day? Being able to play with your kids without feeling huffing and puffing?

At the Tribe, CREATIVITY and EFFECTIVENESS are our core programming principles. We use a wide spectrum of fitness disciplines to give our clients the workouts they crave and results they deserve.


our toolkit


We use a range of principles like progressive overloading with moderate-heavy weights, drop-sets, and supersets to build an aesthetic, defined physique and a strong mindset


We make the most of your time with us by using high intensity intervals and circuit training, which ensures you strengthen all muscle groups while improving your aerobic capacity


As one of our key values is inclusivity, we love working with all shapes and sizes. Everybody is welcome when self-improvement is the goal. We work with people from all parts of the spectrum

full-body FUNCTIONAL

We recognize that the body operates as a whole, which means we focus on compound movements that improve coordination, speed, and reflexes so that you move better in daily life


Having lean muscle is great, but a healthy heart and lungs are important too! We incorporate stamina sets to boost cardiovascular health, so that your body can look good and last long


As we tend to get more frail and lose bone density as we age, it’s important to train for tissue strength and not just aesthetics. We utilize strength training techniques to build capable bodies


Since many of us are inactive most of the day, our bodies tighten up and lose elasticity. We incorporate stretching, joint mobility, and full ROM techniques for a pliable and supple physique


We love incorporating plyometrics, or jump training, into our classes to build explosive speed and athleticism. Jumping is one of the fastest ways to expend energy, which means fat loss


Of course a healthy body must be fuelled properly! We provide up-to-date, realistic nutritional guidance and meal planning tips to manage nutrient quality and quantity for long lasting results


Resistance training can improve conditions like arthritis and low back pain, as well as reduce anxiety, depression, and the risk of developing lifestyle diseases like diabetes


Most people seeking weight loss are looking to improve their body composition by lowering body fat. Our cross-training combines high intensity with strength for effective fat loss


If you sit all day, chances are your spine is deforming and shoulders hurting. We focus greatly on strengthening the back, to prevent future hunchbacking and to create strong, confident posture

Is this you?

  • Struggling with weight gain
  • Feeling out of shape
  • Used to losing then gaining back
  • Overworked and stressed
  • Trying to balance family and career
  • New to the gym / weight training
  • Unsure how or where to start
  • Committed to improving yourself
  • A parent wanting better health
  • On a path of self-love and healing

what’s so special about us?

Tribe Fitness is a female-run team of certified trainers that’s trusted by our local community. We’ve been providing a safe and supportive space for clients to change their bodies and lives with self-empowerment since 2014.

Like many other industries, the personal training industry is quite male-dominated. This can result in female clients not receiving the tailored support they need while improving their fitness. Truth is, women have different hormone-induced behaviours because we follow a unique infradian rhythm. This needs to be taken into account when training.

That’s why we’re so proud to be able to say we’re a female-led team that knows how to use masculine weightlifting techniques to build strong, shapely bodies… while holding space for the feminine experience.

Our goal is to help our clients become their strongest version while still staying true to who they are.