Because We Care

You are our why

Tribe Fitness was created to empower the modern-day individual. Our sedentary environments and toxic processed foods don’t set us up for healthy living or strong bodies.

Maria came from an editing career where she was sitting for 9-11 hours a day. She developed carpal tunnel and hip issues within a few months as a result of the high work demands.

Maria decided that instead of letting her health deteriorate further, she would instead share what the gym had done for her and dedicate her livelihood to helping others become empowered in body and lifestyle.

If you’re struggling with a body that you don’t feel comfortable in. Health issues. Lack of strength and energy. Feeling lost and unhappy. Wanting to change but unsure how. Wanting guidance, knowledge, and support to feel desirable, strong, and empowered.

Then the Tribe is here for YOU!

Our Values


We understand that we are in control of our lives. We consciously choose actions that lead to a healthier life.


We act with purpose, intention, and respect for all. Doing the right thing is always priority number one. 


We see the interconnection in all. We strive to be well physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 


We aspire towards better. Limits don’t exist except within our heads. We dare to create a bright vision for the future. 


The Tribe welcomes and supports everyone who truly wants to improve their lives and become their best self.


We see the good in everybody. We never give up hope in times of difficulty. We believe that everyone has potential.

Our Mission

To help people reconnect with their bodies and become self-empowered, physically and mentally.

To help parents and busy professionals regain their youthful energy and become their fittest versions, by co-creating beautiful, lean, and capable physiques.

Our Vision

To give life to our clients’ hopes and dreams. To be their go-to guide and unconditional cheerleader as they build their ideal body and lifestyle.

To empower our Tribe with effective training methods and tools that lead to long-lasting transformation, both inside and out.

Live Whole


Training is complementary to specialist treatments like physio, RMT, and chiro. Add weights to your weekly routine to build a stronger, pain-free body.

Attractive inside out

Weights are a fast track to balanced hormones, a healthy gut, and glowing skin. Fit people look radiant because their bodies are primed for vitality.


Avoid the risk of developing diseases like diabetes, heart failure, and cancer by investing just a couple hours a week into future proofing your health.

say yes to summer

Never avoid the beach again. Train your way to a lean, healthy physique that you’re proud of and love moving. Life is too short to be feel uncomfortable.


Bounce back from injuries, car accidents, and childbirth with a team of caring trainers by your side. Temporary setbacks don’t have to mean giving up.


If you’re an adult, then you probably have to use your body to get things done. Wouldn’t it be great to have tons of strength at your fingertips?

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