Happy Hour at the BAR-BELL

Training in a Tight Tribe is like one-on-one, but even better! The adage “The more, the merrier” never rang truer.

Working out in a fun mini group means laughs, friendship, and shared successes. Other Tribe members are engaged, pregnant, stressed out, emotional eaters — just like you.

“Training with Maria has made a lifetime of difference in the way I work out.” – Basilla

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  • always individualized attention
  • only 2 to 4 clients a session
  • more cost-effective than one-on-one
  • meet other friendly, supportive people
  • exclusive support from a private community
  • workouts are customized to your goals

All of our clients train in Tight Tribes. They love sharing laughs and while getting fitter together. For some, our classes are the only chance they get to socialize and invest in themselves… Lookin at you, moms!

Now THAT’S happy hour.

*Class availabilities are always growing. You do NOT need to form your own group before you can start training. We have dozens of weekly sessions immediately!*

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