I used to eat a lot of eggs. Like 4 a day a lot. Eggs were a staple, the coagulant holding my medley of random vegetables together, my vegetarian source of protein.

And my unwitting contribution to the misery of thousands of hens and death of millions of male chicks.

Ten months ago I swore off eggs. No more sashimi sliced up by Koreans masquerading as Japanese. No more animal body parts ripped from their rightful animal owner for my tastebuds. The ethical costs were too great for my moral budget.

But I digress.

So what do I eat now that animals are off-limits? How do I maintain muscle and my high energy levels?

My go-tos for creating delicious, nutrient-dense meals:

Organic Black Bean Spaghetti – $13.99 for 2 lbs

A few years ago a friend gave me an almost-full box. Not his thing. I then left it untouched for months. I was on an anti-carb crusade at the time. Pasta of any kind was immediately touted as temptations from the devil.

vegan gluten free spaghetti

It was only until I perused my pantry on a budget-conscious day that I decided to crack open the box and try it out.

Then I fell in love.

Cause you know what?


organic black beans 92%, water 8%… TWO ingredients!? Even bottled water contains more than just two ingredients.

What’s more, in every 2 ounces:

25g of plant-based protein! That’s a full serving

17g of carbohydrates – 12g of which is fibre and will pass through your GI tract without being absorbed

2g of fat

180 calories per 2-oz serving

ONLY 2mg of sodium!

Vegan and certified gluten-free

Its texture is chewy in a really satisfying mouthfeel sort of way. The colour is eccentric and unique. Its substantial fibre content quelled my cravings even during emotionally volatile days.

I wasn’t sure what black magic was at hand here, but that nutritional profile was a serious turn-on. Black bean spaghetti became a permanent member of my meal prep family.

vegan meal prep


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