RealTalk #1 Our lives are the compilation of hundreds of habits.

Which leg we put into our underwear first (always the right for me). Where we groggily get our morning caffeine. The cardio machine we warm up on before working out.

We become autopilots over the years. The older we grow, the less we deviate from what we know. We’re creatures of the damn thing.

Obviously certain habits are beneficial, like our morning jog or acai smoothie bowl.


What about what goes on inside our head?

Is it full of sparkling potentialities?

Or cruel, unforgiving demons and mind-numbing fears?

I’m going to get meta.

What if your thought process is just a habit?

What if the emotions you feel are just a habit?

Every time we think a thought, it digs a deeper rut in the landscape of our mind.

We constantly condition ourselves to further become the person we think we are.

I invite you to shine some light on the regular visitors to your mind.

Do thoughts like…

“I’ll always be fat”

“I won’t be able to do that”

“How could I be so stupid”

“Why can’t I get it right?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

…appear in your head all the time?

Well, shit. That’s got to change, because…

RealTalk #2 Thoughts have power

Can’t you feel the suffocating negativity pervading that crap above?

If you would never say that sort of stuff to anyone else, why on earth do YOU deserve that steady flow of abuse?

Thankfully… You can replace that garbage.

Think of yourself as malleable, fluid, as changeable as a chameleon. Bruce Lee said it well – Be like water.

You are not a permanent being.

You DON’T have to feel disgust when you look in the mirror.

INSTEAD: why don’t you give some love to the universe for your beautiful eyes, long eyelashes, perceptive mind, firm forearms, symmetrical cheekbones, clear skin?

Don’t you know you’re frickin’ beautiful?

Don’t over-appreciate others while under-appreciating yourself.

Say this out loud:

“I am thankful for the wondrous gift that is my body, with a strong beating heart and potential to become so much more.”

and this:

“I am beautiful and strong AF.”

and try this one out too:

“I can achieve anything and everything I want, because my life is my design.”

Can you feel the difference in energy, the higher vibrational force? The positivity, the gratitude, the love?

Imagine what life could be like if you could summon that bountiful energy whenever you pleased.

Cause you CAN.

Say things like that on the regular and make them a habit for good.

RealTalk #3 We are solely responsible for our thoughts, our emotions, the words we speak, and the actions we take.

Life is literally only the present moment – right NOW.

So, do you want to keep waiting, wavering, analyzing, and re-analyzing again until you don’t know up from down and left from right?

We can all over-analyze. Especially females.

personal trainer richmond
Being with us… I don’t know how you men do it!

That’s how we work ourselves into a state of non-decisive limbo.

Which unfortunately is a decision in ITSELF.

If you break down your life into a series of weeks… Time will run out very quickly. 52 weeks in a year. How many years do you think you have left?

How much more time will you spend debating on whether you should JUST DO IT?

Every time we take a deep breath and ACT – we set in motion a series of events that our puny human minds have no way of foreseeing.

Don’t let uncertainty and doubt entrench your dreams and goals in quicksand.

If something’s been on your mind for weeks, even months – how much longer do you want to wrestle with this agony?

Isn’t being your own worst enemy tiring?

What’s the worst that can really happen? Get rejected? Fail?

Who hasn’t failed before?

Someone who hasn’t risked anything, that’s who. All the greats have, and the greats ahead will continue to fail and succeed and fail and succeed. How else do we learn and live?

And remember:

RealTalk #4 Everyone has their own troubles to deal with. You and your going-ons don’t get as much airtime as you might think.

Yay. That’s good to know. No one even cares!

So make your habits serve YOU.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is hope. Optimism. Faith that we can do it.

Not because some higher being will do the dirty work for us.

But because we rise to the challenge and become stronger and more capable than ever.

Much love my Tribe!

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