E is for eccentric

It’s been one thing after another.

In a good way. The best way ever, actually.

The more I reflect on how my life has unfolded over the years, the more awestruck I am by how perfectly everything always falls into place. I never believe in coincidence anymore. With every person that’s come across my path, every event transpired, emotion felt, decision made, I become more and more aware of how excellently the universe orchestrates everything.


The Physical: my first stage

Becoming a workout junkie was where it started for me. It was the bedrock that spawned my grit and determination. Without the discipline incurred from hours spent pushing my muscles to the limit, I wouldn’t have developed the inner strength to seek out challenges.

The benefits of weight training go beyond building muscle and becoming fitter. Some see it as a way to merely get gains and girls – which it most certainly can be – but truthfully, anything can be reduced and simplified if you try hard enough. It’s the lesson, the silver lining, that evades many.

A lesson is taught in the weight room. The teacher is the self, and the student is the self. The lesson is that we are all capable of change. Not only that, but we are all capable of making the change OURSELVES. Whatever body part we train becomes stronger. Whatever exercise we do becomes easier. Self-empowerment and self-belief are the currencies dealt in the gym. The question of whether we can? This first hurdle is overcome.


The Psychological: my second stage

I began to explore personal development in my early twenties. The institutions of society — post-secondary education, the banking system, corporations, the 9 to 5 – started to appear strange and devoid of substance. I began to wonder if human fulfilment could really be achieved within these systems.

I probed deeper and came up empty. After months of burgeoning dissatisfaction, I became so disillusioned I entered into a depression. Everything seemed pointless. Afterwards, I recognized this as an existential crisis, where I didn’t know why I was alive or how I could be useful. I questioned the true purpose behind everything. Making lots of bank was never a motivator for me. Neither was looking cool or buying the latest shit. I was honestly pretty stumped.

It took me a year to rise above the crisis, and the way it happened propelled me to the next stage.


The Profession: my third stage

A dear mentor was the rope that was cast down to me when I was stewing in a lack of purpose. Definitely a person I’m thankful for. He’d been in the fitness industry for over 14 years. Beloved and respected by many.

It was by his example that I could see how I could be of service to others, how my existence could have meaning. Helping people become happier and increase their quality of life? Helping to prevent heart attacks, illness, obesity? Empowering others to make better lifestyle choices by avoiding low-quality food products glamorized by corporations?

Hell yeah! What a positive, fulfilling profession — certainly a pursuit worthy of my time and energy. I ended a promising editing career to start Tribe Fitness immediately. It felt like the right thing to do. The question of what to dedicate my life’s work to: another hurdle overcome.


The Soul: the fourth stage

And now, me currently. I was overjoyed when I became a personal trainer. I was excited to educate my clients on protein, macros, calorie counting, the whole shebang. Everything the fitness industry has been preaching for years. It took another chance encounter with my current boyfriend a few months ago to catapult me here.

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