Common Questions


How do payments work?
To make it more convenient on our clients’ budgeting, we don’t require upfront lump sum payments – we break the package amount into monthly instalments, with no extra fees besides 5% tax.
How long are classes?
Classes are an hour long! We spend the first 5 warming up, 50 minutes on training, with the last 5 for cooldown and stretching.
When are your classes?
We have morning classes every day, and evening classes Mon-Fri! We have an internal self-booking system for our clients to manage their own classes, and clients can also request for us to secure the same days and times for them each week.
How many clients in a class?
Our classes max out at 4 clients each hour. With Covid restrictions, they’re currently 3 a class!
How do I sign up for a free trial?
Easy! Go to our Holler At Us page and fill out the contact form with your request, and we can schedule you in!
What's the parking situation?
We have free parking in the front of the studio (unit 420), and guests can park in the rear as well when they front lot is full.
What should I expect when I come to class?
A blend of various training styles that include but aren’t limited to: bodybuilding and physique sculpting exercises, back strengthening/postural correction if needed, heavy lifts for hypertrophy and strength training, fat loss and weight loss techniques including HIIT and endurance work, and mobility and stretching.
What happens to my classes if I go on vacation or fall sick?
The classes you don’t use stay in your “class bank”, and you can make them up when you return! Clients have 1-2 months post-program to make up any classes they missed.
What's the class cancellation policy?

We have a 48-hr cancellation policy – clients can book out of a class up until 48 hours prior to class time. This is to be fair and give adequate notice to any clients who want to book into that class.

What's the package termination policy?

As our goal is to empower our clients in integrating fitness into their regular life, our services are on a contractual basis for COMMITTED INDIVIDUALS seeking lasting transformation. We have a package termination clause that is detailed on our client agreement.

Are your classes tailored to each client's needs and goals?

Yes, we modify the program for specific clients needs. For the most part, our clients share similar goals and have similar areas needing improvement and strengthening, so usually the selected exercises are highly beneficial for every client.

I'm shy and not very comfortable around strangers. Will I still have a good time?

So many of our clients started off being uncertain about whether our semi-private classes were right for them. They soon realized that our client base is extremely friendly and supportive, with no name-calling, no negativity, no judgment – only positive mindsets and encouragement. We have never had any issues with people not getting along or feeling ill-treated. Usually our fears create scenarios that will never actually happen in reality.

What do I need to bring to my first class?

You only have to bring your fine self, a big water bottle, a large towel, and a comfortable gym outfit that you can move in with ease! Gloves are recommended for those who aren’t used to gripping or bar work.