If you’ve never been around weights before, the gym may be intimidating. All those heavy metal racks just look ominous. And don’t even get us started on those pulley torture device looking contraptions!

Maria has been working out since 2004, Tiagra since 2009. Together our team offers almost two decades of fitness training experience.

Weights can become your BEST FRIEND. Dedication to regular training, proper nutrition, and healthier lifestyle habits can take you from an ‘obese’ BF % (30%+) to healthy, strong, and fit in under a year.

Our clients in their late 40s have lost 8% BF in six weeks. Others ended years of chronic, debilitating back pain within a week of starting their program. Women who were slender but had zero muscle tone (“skinny-fat”) built up enough lean muscle mass in a few months to drop from an alarming 34% BF to a healthy mid-20’s % — under 24% is fantastic for females. 

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I  cannot express how much you and Linh mean to me!!! I only had one arm today cuz I pulled it yesterday but soo glad I came.. you guys are soo rad.. I tell you every week but I mean it lol!!! Sooooooo glad I jumped on board” – Carmen



  • Look fit and feel great *clothing optional.
  • Look younger than your age
  • Build lean muscle that doesn’t jiggle
  • Improve posture to look confident
  • Get rid of unwanted fatty bits
  • Flush out toxins for clearer skin


  • Develop healthy habits for success
  • Raise self-confidence and positivity
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase satisfaction with life
  • Attract bigger and better things
  • Strengthen your willpower


  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Avoid metabolic syndromes like cancer
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Alleviate chronic pain and joint issues
  • Build up athletic skills to prevent injury
  • Improve systemic bodily functions

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Most physical activities introduce asymmetries to the body. Hockey, boxing, dance, and other sports usually require left or right-side dominance. The body can become lopsided in strength and musculoskeletal structure. This condition can worsen as we age. Weight training is a tool that can be used to fix these bodily imbalances.

Weight training is the only type of exercise where you can track changes in performance, fat loss, lifestyle, and appearance. Fitness is all about setting goals, blasting those goals, and setting our sights on bigger and better.

You become master over your domain. Your body becomes your canvas and the weights your brush. Flabby thighs? Saggy bum? Jiggly arms? Fear not — lifting weights can help with all that.

Weight training is one puzzle piece of a holistic approach composed of proper sleep, mindful eating, fulfilling work, and loving relationships with others and ourselves. It’s an integral part of creating a BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

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