Experience world-class weight training with the best female personal trainer in town.

Weight training and the fitness industry are blowing up. We live in one of the most active cities in the world and we’re damn proud of it. We’re always up for the challenge, whether it’s the Sun Run or Tough Mudder in Whistler. We love getting sweaty and high fiving at the finish line.

The feeling of achieving your best is unparalleled. Weight training is the best way to conquer your fears.

Tribe Fitness


  • Look and feel great (clothing optional)
  • Prevent signs of premature aging
  • Build firm, lean muscle
  • Fix slouchy, unconfident posture
  • Get rid of unwanted fat and flab
  • Have copious amounts of energy


  • Develop healthy habits for success
  • Raise self-confidence and positivity
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase satisfaction with life
  • Attract bigger and better things
  • Strengthen your willpower


  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Reduce your risk of cancer, stroke, obesity
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Alleviate back pain and joint problems
  • Prevent chronic lifestyle diseases
  • Improve systemic bodily functions

weight training

But… Why Weights Specifically?

Other types of exercise introduce asymmetries to the body. Hockey, boxing, and other athletic sports require left or right-side dominance. The body can become lopsided in strength and musculoskeletal structure. This condition worsens as the body ages. Weight training is a tool that can be used to fix these bodily imbalances.

Weight training is the only form of exercise where you can track changes in performance, fat loss, and aesthetics. You’re encouraged to set goals, reach those goals, and aim for bigger and better.

You become master over your domain. Your body becomes your canvas, your masterpiece. Flabby thighs? Saggy bum? Jiggly arms? Fear not – weight training can change all that.

Weight training is one puzzle piece of a holistic approach composed of proper sleep, mindful eating, fulfilling work and loving relationships with others and with the self. It’s an integral part of a big and beautiful life.