Get back to your “Pre” days. 

Pre-career. Pre-hubby. Pre-baby – whatever shot UP your weight and shot DOWN your sanity.

It’s time for you to take centre stage in your life again!

I’m grateful for Maria. We have a meaningful conversation every time we see each other and it’s the only push I need to go to each session. I know she really listens and genuinely cares about each of us.” – Ivy

wedding fitness

“Maria takes great care of her clients. She always gives you her 110% and dedicates passion and energy into each workout. Thank you Maria for making me feel and look wedding-ready!” – Cecilia

Tribe Fitness specializes in strengthening and empowering ladies who are:


You have no time to waste! All eyes will be on you on your wedding day. Let’s make your dream figure a reality so you can float down the aisle proudly.

  • High-intensity fat loss + sculpting 
  • Back strengthening for princess posture
  • Progress checkups to stay focused
  • Realistic nutrition + lifestyle tips
  • 24/7 support + goal-setting strategies


A healthy baby starts with a healthy mommy. Avoid creating bad habits and putting on the pounds with a tribe of supportive women by your side.

  • Safe, effective total-body toning
  • Prevent weight gain + diastasis recti
  • Regular progress evaluations
  • Proper nutrition to fuel you + baby
  • 24/7 support + accountability


Baby’s out and you’re back to work. Now what? You need a solution to get back into those pre-baby jeans.

  • Fix diastasis recti + core restrengthening
  • Build back strength to alleviate pain
  • Lose the pregnancy lbs safely
  • Redevelop healthy, nourishing habits
  • 24/7 support + care

Shoot us a quick email and we’ll take care of you. We know your time is precious. Sign up for the most fun, caring, and effective female-focused fitness in Metro Vancouver!